Programs in the FY 2011-2012 Budget with a Major Role in the NEMW Region

With this Note to the Coalitions, the Northeast-Midwest Institute describes selected federal programs with a major role in the Northeast-Midwest region, and provides information on spending amounts for these programs in each of the NEMW states. Data are derived from the Combined Federal Funds Report (CFFR), produced by the U.S. Census Bureau over several years. This Note to the Coalitions contains data from FY2005-FY2009, including: 1) amount allocated to each state/entity; 2) percentage of total U.S. funds; and 3) rank among all states/entities that received funding in a fiscal year. Programs listed in this Note to the Coalitions include, in alphabetical order:

Appalachian Regional Commission Projects, Brownfields Programs under the Environmental Protection Agency, Community Development Block Grants (Entitlement Grants and State’s Program), Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Demolition and Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Federal Transit-Capital Investment Grants, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program, the Technology Innovation Program (TIP), and Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms.

2011 Note to the Coalitions FY2011 12 Programs Role in NEMW Region