Revitalizing Older Cities

The region’s legacy cities are at a crossroads: even as residents and leaders are beginning to capitalize on their cities’ many assets, they continue to face population decline, business relocations and closures, and other urban challenges such as brownfields, vacant properties, and aging infrastructure. Revitalizing Older Cities is addressing these problems by conducting research and exploring innovative policy directions to address what is a distinct regional challenge. The Northeast-Midwest Institute researches federal economic and community development programs and opportunities as part of its mission to encourage economic vitality for the region and the nation. The Institute explores federal initiatives, analyzes legislation, laws and regulations,tracks trends, and distributes information to educate and inform Congressional staff, federal policy makers, and state officials.
  • Brownfields and Blight

    Many of the Northeast-Midwest (NEMW) region’s cities—historic and current centers of industry, transportation, and American ingenuity—suffer from dramatic reductions in population, employment opportunities, and economic investment. The majority of our …

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