Federal Legislation and Funding

The Northeast-Midwest Institute and the Northeast-Midwest Congressional and Senate Coalitions have tracked and analyzed federal spending and taxation patterns since the mid-1970s. Each year, the Institute provides an analysis of the President’s budget request, including a description of key programs and an analysis of long-term funding trends of programs critical to the region. The Institute tracks legislation and the results of House and Senate action on appropriations for relevant federal programs, as well as provides more detailed appropriations tracking for policy areas of special interest.
  • Reports on Presidential Budget Requests

    The President’s budget proposal begins the annual federal appropriations process. Though Congress ultimately writes and passes the twelve appropriations bills which make up the federal budget, the President’s budget proposal is …

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  • Appropriations for Key Regional Programs

    After the markup and release of an appropriations bill from its full appropriations committee, the Northeast-Midwest Institute writes fact sheets distilling their impacts on key regional programs. Additionally, NEMWI tracks the historical funding…

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  • Congressional Letters on Regional Issues

    Members of Congress often write and sign letters addressed to public officials and Congressional committees to express support or opposition to policies or developments. Through such letters…

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