Unfinished Business: Call Congress Back to Work

Northeast-Midwest Institute President and CEO Dr. Michael Goff wrote an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun of February 21st, 2024, calling on President Biden to utilize his Article II, Section 3 authority to convene Congress back from recess in order to address urgent national crises. An excerpt is below, and you can read the op-ed here.

“The record of non-accomplishment by the current 118th Congress is at a historic level, with fewer than 40 bills passed over the last 14 months. Even the so-called “Do-Nothing Congress” that President Harry Truman lambasted passed more than 900 bills — 30 times the number of the current Congress.

“Expecting Congress to pass bills into law and respond to the most urgent public policy needs is not being partisan. There obviously is lots of room for different policy positions. But there is no room for total inaction when problems — such as national security, immigration and government funding — are in crisis. Congress’ latest two- week recess, even with its long list of undone work, should be the last straw. Congress needs to step up and compromise to whatever extent is necessary to achieve some results.

“But Congress has failed to do that or to pass any meaningful legislation in response to the current urgency and crises. So now it is up to President Biden to act.”

Read the op-ed here.