The President’s FY2017 Budget Request & the Northeast-Midwest Region

NEMWI annually analyzes the budget request for funding levels, provisions, and newly proposed initiatives that will greatly impact the NEMW region’s economy and environment. This year’s analysis focuses on a selection of programs and initiatives in five areas of interest:
o Economic and Workforce Development
o Energy Assistance, Efficiency, and Supply
o Aquatic Resources
o Water and Transportation Infrastructure
o Neighborhood and City Revitalization
Based on this selection, the FY2017 budget request shows considerable support for the manufacturing sector, clean energy and energy efficiency, and land and water conservation. The budget displays less support, however, for restoration of the Great Lakes and the Chesapeake Bay, block grant programs for community development and low-income home energy assistance, and commercial harbor maintenance.

2016 NEMWI Note_FY2017 Budget Day Full Report