The President’s FY2013 Budget and The Region

The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI) and the bipartisan Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition produced this rapid review of the President’s FY2013 budget to inform the Northeast-Midwest Congressional and Senate Coalitions, states, and other regional partners of its implications for the Northeast-Midwest (NEMW) region. Specifically, the analysis describes, by Congressional Appropriations Committee jurisdiction, prominent features of the Administration’s FY2013 budget evident on the day of budget release (February 13, 2012) and relevant to the NEMW region. At this juncture, it is clear that the President’s FY2013 budget provides important near-term openings for the NEMW region to advance economic and environmental objectives common to the region’s 18 states. However, the budget information released on February 13, 2012 also foretells that these openings are highly temporary, making capacity-building for self-sustaining future progress on these objectives a near-term priority for the region.

2012 Note to the Coalitions FY 2013 Budget Rapid Analysis