The NEMWI and Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee Co-Host Congressional Briefing on the 2016 Asian Carp Action Plan-VIEW THE PRESENTATION

The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (ACRCC), in conjunction with NEMWI, held a Congressional briefing on the 2016 Asian Carp Action Plan, formerly known as the “Framework,” on April, 26 in the Capitol Visitor Center room SVC 208. The Actin plan can be viewed here.

Panelist included:

· Kick Off and Introductions – Matthew McKenna, Director, Great Lakes Washington Program, Northeast-Midwest Institute

· ACRCC 2016 Action Plan – Mike Weimer, Co-Chair of the ACRCC, USFWS

· Monitoring Update and 2016 USFWS Actions – Charles Wooley, Deputy Regional Director for the Midwest Region, USFWS

· USACE 2016 Actions – Col. Christopher Drew, Commander of the USACE, Chicago District

· USGS 2016 Actions – Mark Gaikowski, Director, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, USGS

· 2016 Funding Summary and Closing – Cameron Davis, Co-Chair of the ACRCC and Senior Advisor to the Administrator, USEPA