PFAS and the Great Lakes: A Primer

A Congressional Staff Briefing on:

PFAS and the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program

Wednesday, November 17th at 2 PM ET


Per- and poly-fluoroakyl substances (PFAS), which are also referred to as the “forever chemical” because they do not breakdown in the environment, continues to emerge as one of the most urgent public health concerns in the Great Lakes region.

PFAS, which includes thousands of chemicals that are used for their nonstick, stain-repellent, waterproofing, and fire-retardant purposes, are used in a staggering array of consumer products and commercial applications, and are especially prevalent in the Great Lakes region due to decades of industrial activities. While PFAS have been linked to numerous medical conditions including cancer, weakened immune systems, and reproductive problems, because of their widespread use, they can be found in almost every aspect of American life. However, as awareness has grown about the dangers of PFAS, federal, state, local, and non-governmental organizations have begun to take action.

Please join the Northeast-Midwest Institute for a discussion about efforts in the region to combat PFAS, and what else needs to be done.