Northeast-Midwest Institute Releases New White Paper on Retooling Trade Adjustment Assistance and Modernizing the Trade Safety Net

The Northeast-Midwest Institute today released a new White Paper aimed at modernizing Trade Adjustment Assistance and other programs that work to remedy the costs of liberalized trade.  The U.S. has developed a web of assistance programs designed to support the industries and individuals that suffer losses as a result of international trade and a global economy.  These programs have had moderate success, but they are too narrow and are not up to date with the nuances of the modern global economy.

This report details the key shortcomings with the current system, specifically looking at issues relating to applying for TAA, participation outcomes, the receiving of benefits, performance outcomes, and future reauthorization. The report then delves into ten key policy recommendations to improve and enhance the program to more effectively mitigate the harms and costs associated with the expansion of global trade. 

The full report is available here.