NEMWI Presents Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program For Congressional Staff in New 118th Congress

The Northeast-Midwest Institute is presenting a Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program to introduce Congressional staff and offices in the new 118th Congress to critical topics relating to the Great Lakes and the work of the Great Lakes Task Forces.

The six-part series of webinars and briefings began with a webinar on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) on Tuesday, May 9, and is continuing according to the schedule below:

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) (May 9th, you may view the recording HERE)
o A brief history of the GLRI; and
o Successes of the programs and projects funded by.

Great Lakes and the Farm Bill
o A brief overview of the conservation title; and
o Overview of conservation programs being utilized in the Great Lakes.

Climate Change in the Great Lakes
o How climate change is impacting the Great Lakes;
o The stress climate change is placing on local communities and local habitats; and
o How the Great Lakes is combating/adapting to climate change.

Invasive Species and the Great Lakes
o Historical overview of invasive species in the Great Lakes;
o What are the current invaders to the Great Lakes; and
o What is/can the federal government do to prevent new invasive species.

Great Lakes Navigational and Maritime Issues
o Great Lakes as a water highway;
o Green shipping; and
o Soo Locks and the steel industry.

Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure
o An overview of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 and how those resources are being used in the Great Lakes; and
o The federal infrastructure resources that are still needed in the region.

Questions may be directed to Matt McKenna at

The Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program is made possible with support from:

The Erb Family Foundation.