NEMWI Presents Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program For Congressional Staff in New 117th Congress

The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI) is presenting a 2021 Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program in a series of one-hour webinars. The Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program is endeavoring to provide Congressional staff with a fundamental policy education on the most critical issues that directly impact the health of the Great Lakes at the federal level.

The second session focusing on Invasive species in the Great Lakes will take place on Friday, May 7th at noon EDT, and is open for registration now.  Participating organizations will include:

  • Great Lakes Fishery Commission
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

To register for the second session, please visit here.

The full schedule of session topics for the Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program includes:

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (watch a recording of this event here):

  • What it does and how it works;
  • How it impacts local communities; and
  • GLRI and the NGO community.

Invasive Species in the Great Lakes:

  • Past and current invading invasive species like the sea lamprey and invasive quagga and zebra mussels; and
  • New threats to the Great Lakes including invasive Asian carp.

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in the Great Lakes:

  • The impact of HABs on freshwater systems;
  • Western Lake Erie’s HAB;
  • Conservation efforts reducing nutrient pollution. 

Climate Change and Coastal Resiliency in the Great Lakes:

  • How climate change is impacting the Great Lakes;
  • Rising water levels and their impacts on the region; and
  • Local and state efforts to build resiliency in the Great Lakes.

Also planned is an ongoing schedule of Great Lakes policy briefings, with future topics including:

  • PFAS and the Great Lakes.
  • Ballast Water and the Great Lakes.

Questions may be directed to Matt McKenna at

The Great Lakes Primer and Orientation Program is made possible with support from:

The Erb Family Foundation.