NEMWI Releases “How Clean Is Clean?”

The Northeast-Midwest Institute released “How Clean Is Clean?” describing its cutting-edge research to protect the Great Lakes from future invasive species. Produced by Ravenswood Media with funds from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, the film presents how NEMWI and its partners are preparing the Great Lakes region to manage discharges of aquatic invasive species, like ballast water.

The NEMWI project, conducted in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Superior, the University of Minnesota Duluth, the Muskegon, MI-based Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute, and Governors State University, with support from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, is exploring and validating key aspects of a new tool to determine the relative risk of aquatic invasive species establishment in natural Great Lakes waters as a function of densities of organisms released. This work is informing the most efficient ways to reduce or eliminate the number of successful invasions of the Great Lakes. The project responds directly to a key research need identified by the National Academies of Sciences (NAS), and includes members of that panel on the project team and panel of advisors, more information at https://24lå

For more information, please contact Allegra Cangelosi, Director of the Great Ships Initiative and Senior Policy Analyst, NEMWI.