NEMWI Hosts Asian Carp Webinar

The Northeast-Midwest Institute (NEMWI) hosted a webinar last week on the importance of keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. A recording of the webinar can be viewed here. Included in the presentation was a short segment of a video produced by the National Wildlife Federation about the various impacts that invasive Asian carp pose to tribal, business, fishing, and economic interests in the Great Lakes. The segment is part of the longer film, Against the Current, which can be viewed here. Additionally, topics that were discussed included provisions in the 2020 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), the Brandon Road Lock and Dam project, an update of activities going on at the state level, and necessary next steps to move forward with public policies that prevent the spread of invasive carp.  

Presenters at the webinar included Mr. Matt McKenna, Director of the Great Lakes Washington Program at NEMWI, Mr. Marc Smith, Director of Great Lakes Policy at the National Wildlife Federation, and Ms. Molly Flanagan, Vice President of Programs at the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Additionally, both the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus helped provide expert resources in the development of the program.  NEMWI will continue to develop future policy education programming for federal and local decision-makers on aquatic invasive species issues and other critical matters that impact the health of the Great Lakes.