Federal Programs That Benefit the NEMW Region: A Post Budget Day Addendum

This Note to the Coalitions is an addendum to the April 12, 2013 NEMWI Note: “The President’s FY2014 Budget and the Northeast-Midwest Region.” It provides more detail, including funding history, on a larger set of selected federal programs that benefit the NEMW region, including high priority programs for which FY2014 budget information was not previously available. Specifically, this addendum includes: 1) detailed fact sheets on 25 programs historically supported by the NEMW Senate and Congressional Coalitions, including programs in the areas of: economic/community development; energy; Great Waters restoration; and transportation and water management systems;
2) a table containing appropriations levels (beginning with FY2006) and proposed FY2014 funding levels for these and more than 50 other (to total more than 70) programs of relevance to the NEMW region; and 3) a glossary of every program that appears in the table. The purpose of this Post-Budget Day Addendum is to provide useful reference material to NEMW Senate and Congressional Coalition Members as Congress deliberates on FY2014 appropriations legislation.

2013 Note to the Coalitions FY2014 Budget Addendum