American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative Launched

The American Manufacturing Communities Collaborative (AMCC), in collaboration with the Northeast-Midwest Institute and the Century Foundation, is a new national organization building on the foundation of the successful 24-region IMCP initiative, helping regional communities across the United States plan and implement sustainable economic development plans that lead to good paying jobs in thriving manufacturing sectors.  AMCC members are regional leaders with a track record of overcoming complexity to get things that matter done; specifically helping businesses, organizations, and government agencies develop and implement community-led economic development strategies. Together they form an expanding national network of best practice professionals dedicated to achieving sustainability through economic growth, improved environmental performance, and job creation within a revitalized American manufacturing base.

Not only are IMCP communities participating as AMCC members, but after the recent passage of the “Made in America” bill that used IMCP as model in authorizing the Defense Manufacturing Communities Support Program (DMCSP), there soon will be more designated communities across America that can join the AMC Collaborative. The new designation program will help communities “make long-term investments in critical skills, facilities, research and development More at paydayloanhit , and small business support in order to strengthen the national security innovation base by designing and supporting consortiums as defense manufacturing communities.”

Championed by legislators from both sides of the aisle, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand described the new law as helping communities “unlock federal funds…to invest in workers, grow local economies, and create new jobs.”  In consultation with the Department of Commerce, the Department of Defense will implement this new designation program that aims to support the backbone of American national defense industries – shoring up deficiencies in regional supplier networks, and providing sustainable manufacturing capacity to meet the requirements of our national defense programs.

Including manufacturing communities in the defense industrial base, AMCC aims to advance sustainable manufacturing in any American manufacturing community using its model that requires the building of strong and diverse public/private partnership networks and the use of rigorous evidence and criteria to develop and implement sustainable job-creating plans.

AMCC is grateful for the support of its members who are regional leaders from across the country as well as our expanding list of partner organizations, including the Northeast Midwest Institute and The Century Foundation.

For more information about AMCC, please contact:
Executive Director Matt Bogoshian at