The President’s FY2015 Budget and the NEMW Region

This Note The Coalitions reviews the President’s FY2015 Budget—$1.014 trillion in discretionary spending—from a regional perspective to assist NEMW public and private stakeholders in advocating collaboratively for shared federal policy priorities. NEMWI finds that NEMW regional priorities will require concerted attention in the Congressional Appropriations process. The Budget proposes important new opportunities for regional economic and workforce development, neighborhood improvement, clean and efficient energy, and climate resilience. However, the Budget includes harmful cuts in home energy assistance, and would slash loans to states for water infrastructure modernization, critical to regional environmental and economic recovery. In an unorthodox move, the President proposes $56 billion for an Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative (OGSI) to support activities potentially relevant to the NEMW region, but he does not allocate funds to them. NEMWI does not include these OGSI values in its summations of proposed funding levels.

The President’s FY2015 Budget and the Northeast-Midwest Region