The Northeast-Midwest Institute seeks a Spring Semester 2018 intern, starting in January 2018, to assist in environmental policy and in particular policy research related to the Mississippi River Basin, water quality, and the environment.

The Northeast-Midwest Institute is a Washington, DC-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization committed to economic vitality, environmental quality, and regional equity for the 18 states of the northeast and midwest. The Institute is engaged in significant research and policy development in the environmental areas of water quality and the effectiveness of regional water quality assessment, especially related to the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River Basin, and invasive species, as well as in economic vitality areas relating to legacy cities and issues such as brownfields, workforce development, and urban fiscal sustainability. In addition, a program monitoring federal policy and the appropriations process as it affects the northeast and midwest is an ongoing initiative designed to ensure regional equity.

Strengthened policy education and outreach to communicate its research and policy development is an ongoing priority at the Northeast-Midwest Institute. The objective is to ensure that the U.S. Congress, federal policy-makers in the Administration and federal agencies, and state and city officials are informed of critical research and information that relate to legislation and regulations as they are formulated and enacted.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Assist with tracking relevant legislation affecting Great Lakes and Mississippi River basin issues.
  • Assist with analyzing long-term funding trends for federal programs.
  • Attend and take notes at relevant hearings and briefings.
  • Track House, Senate, and final appropriated funding levels for federal programs, as well as relevant amendments and keep staff updated with reports.
  • Keep track of federal funding opportunities and grant awards of regional interest and produce short write-ups on new developments and upcoming opportunities.
  • Research Mississippi River, clean water, and agricultural issues and produce written reports assisting in the development of a policy agenda.
  • Assist with writing and editing policy newsletters.

Internship Program
Institute internships are unpaid; academic course credit is available in accordance with university policy.

Washington, DC.

To Apply
Submit an introductory cover letter or email accompanied by a resume to Dr. Michael J. Goff, President and CEO, Northeast-Midwest Institute, at